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Chapter Six  Foreign Staff Employment

1- The priority on absorbing and employing staff falls on local job seekers and it should be observed by companies or employers looking for human resource as their work force. However, in case there is an urgent demand to foreign workers or professionals, the employment rate should not exceed %10 of total number of staff hired.

2- Work Permit Letter will be issued by the recruitment office located in the special economic zone.

3- Foreign staff working in the special economic zone shall train and exchange their skills and knowledge to local staff of the same company. Type and means of such training will be clarified by the recruitment office of special economic zone.

4- When terminated the employment contract, both the employer and employee shall keep the recruitment office informed accordingly.

5- The companies hiring foreign staff shall provide the recruitment office of special economic zone with all personal details of foreign staff employed by them including their names, sex, nationality, profession, career and salary.
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