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Common Advantages of both Business and Manufacturing Activities in QSSEZ

1.Being close to the country's political, economic and commercial centers.

2.Presence of %60 of the main industries of the whole country within a 230 kilometer radius of this zone and closeness to large industrial, productive and consuming cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, Saveh, Qom, etc.

3.Connection to the country's major highways to North, South, East and West, like Tehran-Salafchegan, Tehran-Qom and Isfahan highway.

4. Access ability to national railway and international airport.

5.Being the connecting bridge between the major central Asian and Middle Eastern ports like Jebel-Ali, Bandar Abbas, Salafchegan, Bandar Anzali, and Astara Khan. "QSSEZ" is the ideal location for storing transit goods, raw material for production lines as well as concentrating distribution and transfer and deposit of empty containers.

6. Enjoying unique geographical advantages and being located on the country's trade crossroads.

7. Availability of means to purchase land to construct for industrial, commercial, administrational and service activities in the zone.

8. Legal right of ownership for legal entities as well as individuals on land and construction for Iranian investors and guaranteed general ownership of constructions for foreign investors in accordance with regulations.

9- Availability of standard organization and its equipped laboratories to facilitate business and manufacturing enterprises with more services.

10. Legal right of ownership for legal entities as well as individuals on registering companies, land and construction both for foreign and Iranian investors and guaranteed general ownership of constructions for foreign investors in accordance with regulations.(1)

11- Issuing Business Cards for our highly esteemed customers who could successfully cover all legal registration procedures.

12- Create customs facilities for import, export, manufacturing, re-export and transit of goods to other international markets.

13- Establishing customs facilities to ease the process of Import-Export, production, processing, re-exports, and transiting for productions, No time limitation for storage of goods at the lowest storage costs and non-deserted goods.

14- To all the facts aforementioned, what should be added is this fact that this special economic zone is nominated and registered in ESCAP ( Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) which is affiliated to the United Nations as the first priority in establishing the DRY PORT. (2)

Supplementary Explanations:


(1) To find out about company registration procedures and regulations, you can surf into the links provided here.
(2) A dry port (sometimes inland port) is an inland intermodal terminal directly connected by road or rail to a seaport and operating as a center for the transshipment of sea cargo to inland destinations.
In addition to their role in cargo transshipment, dry ports may also include facilities for storage and consolidation of goods, maintenance for road or rail cargo carriers and customs clearance services. The location of these facilities at a dry port relieves competition for storage and customs space at the seaport itself.
A dry inland port can speed the flow of cargo between ships and major land transportation networks, creating a more central distribution point. Inland ports can improve the movement of imports and exports, moving the time-consuming sorting and processing of containers inland, away from congested seaports.

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