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Introduction of Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ)


The era we are living in and the ones we will have to face with bring both opportunities and challenges concerned with seizing natural resources and business activities through which the prosperity and wealth of a nation will come into existence. The competition in grabbing such opportunities has also got a growing trend to which we should add the variety of technology and industry and means of accessibility applied so that all lead to drawing the best benefit of such resources and business advantages and profits coming along.

Qom Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ), bringing all these facts into consideration, is established to provide an appropriate business arena in which a vast variety of business and manufacturing activities can put their plans into effect and run their activities in ease and peace.

As a member of World Free Zone Organization and being nominated as a Safe Zone among some more 25 special economic zones all around the world, QSSEZ spares no effort to provide its best services for all honorable and reputable enterprises so that they can run their own companies in this zone. To do this, the authorities of QSSEZ have centralized all official procedures inside the zone so that our esteemed customers do not have to waste their time to fulfill some paper-job issues. Further, the investment team members of QSSEZ are ready to follow up all the official procedures they are authorized for and should be covered and cleared by our customers so that they can put an end to such steps since their beginning. It should also be stated that there are some projects in the zone seeking for sort of investment to be run or fulfilled coming along with various types of incentives and suggestions to be issued by our investment team. We, at QSSEZ, welcome all business and manufacturing enterprises into our zone to find out more about our potentials and abilities and visit our web site at: You can also catch us through our contact means and Telegram channel (, we have provided for more convenience of our dear customers.

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